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The difference today

Atlantis casino, Reno, Nevada 06"
Today is the second day of my new job. It was quite interesting yesterday. I found out that there were lines out the door for the same interview I went to last Monday. There were maybe five people when I showed up. Interviews started at ten, I got there at eleven thirty. To see that they only hired two new guys. Me and another guy, made me feel very lucky. The last time I felt this lucky was in Reno at the Atlantis casino 06″.
Before I left to go to work yesterday, I saw on the news that 500,000 jobs were lost in the last three weeks or so. In an economy… excuse me, recession, oh… my mistake, depression like the present one we are facing. To be able to sell myself over hundreds of interviewee’s really makes me feel good about me.
I have been feeling really bad about my business failing over the last two years. It turns out that getting a 9 to 5 job is the best spiritual boost the a guy like me needed. Even thought it’s below what I am used to making, it’s worth in self esteem is priceless.
So I am going to my second day of my new job very happy.
By the way, I mention recession, depression and economy because the economy turned into a recession, and now into a depression. The difference between a recession and a depression these days is your grip on reality. If your gonna keep your head above the water. You need a good grip on reality. Dreams of grandeur are not going to work these days.


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